Jim Watt

Jim Watt - After leaving KMPX 107FM, Jim joined KMPX 98.9 and then spent ten years at KTIM in San Anselmo. He lived for a number of years in Santa Rosa and just recently passed away March 11, 2015.

Rick Wagstaff - Rick also joined 98.8 and then moved to the San Diego area where he was on the air for KMLO and KPOP. He then spent a total of 18+ years on-air in radio syndication at Transtar, Unistar Westwood One and Deal Global. He is now retired and lives in Vista, California

John Jensen - Following the sale of KMPX, moved to Los Angeles where he joined Westinghouse Broadcasting and Cable in senior sales management. In 1989 he joined World Vision, the humanitarian relief and development organization, where he presently serves as Senior Director of Public Relations.

Walt Jamond, Bill Chase, Al "JazzBeaux" Collins, Fred Goerner, Andy Anderson, Bill Moriyama, Debbie Hall and now Jim Watt sadly have all passed away. They will be missed. 

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John Jensen

John Jensen continues to own the KMPX Music library and is converting the recordings to digital. He currently has 157,000 selections on his hard drive which is about half the total collection. He also participates in radio re-creations and gives multi-media lectures about the music and events of the 1920s through the 1960s. Recent talks at Green River Community College, Seattle's Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) and the Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound include: